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Indigenous Australia

I have a page on my personal site called Indigenous Australians. One of my Chinatown coachees is currently studying this topic in Year 11 English (ESL) so this is partly for him, but also for any of you interested in this amazing, and sometimes troubled, part of Australian culture and society.

Here are three YouTube videos for you, also posted in some recent entries on my personal site.

The story behind that song is here.

The 2000 Olympics seem just yesterday to a grumpy old man like me. I bring you, courtesy of YouTube and mswanson88 who posted it, Christine Anu singing “My Island Home” at the closing ceremony:

And meet from the next-door suburb of Newtown Anthony Hill, Aboriginal story-teller and artist. The video is French, which tests my school French, but Anthony speaks in English. You get an authentic voice here from right in the centre of Sydney Australia. Thanks to celoudin who posted this.

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