Tolerating intolerable nonsense — Senator Andrew Bartlett

27 Mar

Bouquets to Australian Democrats Senator Andrew Bartlett for this entry on his blog: Tolerating intolerable nonsense.

Following on from my previous piece on Harmony Day and the benefits of cultural diversity, it was a bit sad, and faintly pathetic, to see The Australian choose that very day to run a rather lame opinion piece trying to do a hatchet job on multiculturalism.

The article was by Queensland University law Professor James Allen and consisted of the tired old trick of putting up two definitions of multiculturalism, one purporting to be an old definition, which happens to be excessively narrow and benign:

the phenomenon of restaurants serving foods from across the world: food that was, on the whole, far better than the then bog standard Anglo-Saxon fare.

along with

novel dances, different music, unusual art, and so on.

and the other definition so extreme and broad that it is nothing but a caricature:

the spoken or unspoken proposition that no culture’s beliefs, practices or achievements are any better (or worse) than any other’s…

Do read it all.


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