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There’s a lesson here somewhere…

On The Eclectic Garden, a Western Australian blog I read regularly, the latest entry is one some may relate to: A Lesson In Geography.

…Given a few facts and an empty sheet of paper, I could address most exam and assignment questions with as much aplomb as necessary to confuse and bamboozle most teachers into at least a ‘C’ grade. Of course, this did not apply as well to the sciences and was virtually useless in mathematics but I had only modest goals at school and these were:

1. To work as little as possible; and
2. To achieve just enough as to keep my parents off my back.

My talent for writing and invention carried me through most subjects and, as for maths; I figured even my parents’ expectations stopped just short of perfection. I was young and arrogant and for years neither my goals nor strategies suffered any serious dent. While my friends struggled valiantly to make a few hard-earned facts go to more than one page, I was happily writing screeds on the basis of pure air and vaguely related ephemera.

Then one day it all came to an end…

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