It’s our tolerance at stake, not multiculturalism

11 Jun

These days we agonise over such matters as whether a Muslim girl should wear a veil or scarf to school. Much of that agonising is irrational. True, there will be limits. Religions practising nudism (and there are such) would have to argue very hard before they could manifest their beliefs everywhere in public, especially in a school, and if cannibalism were a central tenet to some belief system I doubt the school canteen would oblige. Such extremes aside, there is plenty of room for cross-cultural understanding and mutual respect and tolerance.

Melbourne Lawyer “Legal Eagle” has an interesting post on the subtle knife, referring to the Sikh tradition of carrying a ceremonial sword or knife. Her conclusion is: “It seems to me that a minority of students would wear a kirpan, and that, with a full understanding of Sikh tradition, it can be seen that the likelihood of students using the kirpan in an inappropriate or violent manner would be very low indeed. In this context, it seems appropriate that Khalsa Sikhs should be able to wear a kirpan to school.”

Do you agree?

I do, wholeheartedly.

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