A blogging solution for educators?

18 Jun

Visit James Farmer’s Edublogs, a WordPress style blogging tool for teachers, researchers, librarians and other educational professionals. Ad-free and, if it can be judged as a WordPress look-alike, it should be very easy to use. In fact, if this blog was not already here, I would be very tempted to put it there.

Because Edublogs is made by educators for educators we know a lot about how you can effectively use blogs in teaching and learning at all levels. We’re here to provide resources, discussion and suggestions for how you can use Edublogs for education and we’re always adding to them and working on our methods. Thinking of eportfolios, collaborative classwork, online journaling, discussion or problem-based learning or good old social constructivism? So are we!

It is also available to school students and English Language Learners.

See also – Providing Free Blogs to Educators and Students and The Future of Education is in the Blogs, both by Lorelle VanFossen.


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2 responses to “A blogging solution for educators?

  1. James

    June 18, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    Many thanks for the nice comments, our aim is certainly to be the best educational blogging site we can be and as we’re based on WordPress technology (like this site) that’s not too hard!

    In fact – he whispers – we also have a fair bit of functionality that doesn’t have!

    Cheers, James

  2. Larry Ferlazzo

    June 23, 2007 at 1:31 am

    I’d also speak very positively about Edublogs. I’ve had a great experience blogging there — excellent customer service and a very good sense of community. In addition, unlike many other blogging sites, it’s not blocked by School District filters.

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