Welcome, teachers from CEO Inner West schools

19 Sep

I hear you will be looking around this morning. I hope you find some useful things.

Oh, and if you come across any dead links — there are bound to be some as some bits are overdue for maintenance — or have suggestions, let me know. See the guest book? It’s over there in the left column. Or comment here.

If you notice any big gaps in posts that will almost certainly be a YouTube item. Unfortunately schools networks tend to reject them regardless of actual content…

Just out of interest, here is where the last 100 visitors up to 11 pm Tuesday night have come from:


The red dot is who was on the site at the time, probably me. The green ones are the last ten, and the white ones the rest. There had been 198 visitors between midnight and 11 pm. You never know who might read you, or why; that is something I always have at the back of my mind…

This all began as I explain on “About” — tabbed above — as a site somewhere else for a Year 10 English class (2001) and then became a school ESL site (2002) and finally moved here to WordPress in December 2006. Perhaps I should mention that aside from a word processor (with 32 kb memory) which eased me over computerphobia and wrote nice assignments for Pauline Gibbons and Jennifer Hammond, I was afraid even to turn on a real computer until late 1999! I think that was when I discovered you can’t really break computers, though you can do very unfortunate things to them, and I have.

My blog is actually on servers in the USA. I, of course, am in Surry Hills. I still get amazed by all this technology. Like a student I had yesterday who copied an HSC question (which I was displaying on my laptop) by photographing it with his mobile phone! Or as we say on the internet, 😎

If you are interested in educational blogging, this post may have something to offer.

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