On the enduring power of good teachers

26 Sep

Such is the title of a post written by fellow blogger Jim Belshaw in a welcome reference to this blog.

I see that Neil has started a new blog! This one focuses on teachers and teaching…

I think that teaching is a wonderful but badly underrated profession. The power of my best teachers has followed me down through my life. Many are now dead, but they endure in my memory.

Now that I am older and more reflective, I have started to record some of them to try to carry their memory on. I know that this will have limited effect, but it is my personal tribute…

I suppose that throughout my working life I have been a frustrated teacher. Certainly I believe that I have an obligation to pass my skills on, to encourage my people to think and question. In doing so, I would like to think that I am carrying on the influence of my key teachers.

Do read what Jim has to say. Jim’s career has principally been in public service.

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Posted by on September 26, 2007 in inspiration, Teachers Who Change Lives, teaching


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