A welcome allusion…

08 Oct

Someone who has been at the classroom end of the teacher-student relation much more recently than I have is Thomas of Deus Lo Vult. His most recent entry begins in part from this blog. While not all that many people have been here yet, I have been very happy about some of the feedback I have been getting. Perhaps a positive non-ranting blog is not such a bad idea after all.

Thomas writes:

The past few weeks have been very teacher-dominated. I’ve had to survey people about the teaching profession, speak to people about motivations for teaching, done an assignment which was me reflecting on myself as a possible teacher and where I am headed, and had to think about where I’d consider applying for practical next year. As well, Ninglun has started a new blog up (I’d name it, but it seems to have a frequency of changing names and layouts) where he talks about a number of teaching-related topics. He also has a poll up at the moment, asking “What matters most in a good teacher?”, which I answered in.

All of this culminated in what I would call a self-reflective day on Friday where I started to toy around with the question of who was my favourite teacher, and why…

I won’t steal his thunder though, but if I were the teachers he mentions I think I would be very happy.


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