Yes, I have been quiet lately

05 Mar

I have begun the mind-bending task of checking links, but that will take a while. Where links have been checked you will find a not of the date last checked. Do help by telling me if you find dead links.

Meanwhile, the site has been busy. February showed a distinct climb back up from the school holiday season, and even now just five days into March there have been more views than there were in December 2006 when this blog started.


WordPress graph of page views from December 2006 to March 2008

Here is what people have gone to since December 2006:

Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s poems 7,486 reads
Studying the Gothic, or Emily Bronte? 5,812
Workshop 02 — NSW HSC: Area Study: Imaginative Journeys 4,509
How should I write up a Science experiment? 2,930
ESL+ 1,595
Workshop 01 — a theme unit in four different text types 1,525
Literacy 1,303
Scaffolding 1,238
How can I improve my essay grades… without learning model essays off by heart? 1,136
Links 1,119
The mysteries and injustices (?) of the UAI  996
How can I write better short stories? 989
Physical journeys and Peter Skrzynecki’s poems updated 867
In the Wild: Brave New World and Blade Runner  802
Workshop 03 — Creative Writing (Year 12) 800
Workshop 010: HSC Advanced English — “Brave New World” etc 782
Six suggestions for Imaginative Journeys 748
Why do I keep having trouble with subject-verb agreement? 744
About 726
01b: The Essays 707

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