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ESL for Law and Accountancy: ideas and help wanted

I currently have a student enrolled in a tertiary course in Accountancy. Now let’s be frank here: this takes me beyond my usual comfort zone as an English teacher. Do any of you out there have any suggestions for resources, or any ideas at all?

I have found the following:

1. At a very introductory level, but a plus is that the material is Australian, is the site Discovering Democracy.

2. There are some useful links, even if in a US context, on For example:

  • the creation, structure, and interpretation of the legal text
  • sample legal texts from throughout the ages (wills, deeds, writs, trials, etc.)
  • 3. TransLegal together with Cambridge ESOL has a page of downloads related to the International Legal English Certificate. See also:


    Any more ideas?


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    Future journalism? The paper or the blog?

    Most English students here in NSW spend part of their time studying the mass media from various angles.

    Last night ABC 1’s Media Watch had a special edition that will interest teachers and senior students:

     Wired for the Future

    ABC Online Home

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