October 08 best ever! Thanks to you.

22 Oct

Already, according to Sitemeter, this is the best month ever on my English/ESL site, both here and previously on Tripod, since counting started in November 2002: 9,200+ visits to today for October, and 11,900+ page views. WordPress stats credit March 2008 with 12,167 views, best so far, and give 11,230 views so far this month — so even by their counting averaging around 500 a day this month October will exceed that best.

Naturally the HSC has had a part, especially the poet Peter S! The day before Paper 1 in the NSW HSC there were 1,497 views, the best day ever. What pleases me from the feedback is how many students seem to have genuinely enjoyed Peter S. That, I hope, may translate into pleasure in poetry for much longer than the HSC itself.

I have been pretty quiet on this blog recently, but will address the new HSC texts, or some of them, in the near future. Some material is in fact already here, and I am about to tag that material 2009 to 2012 HSC. Not all at once, mind, but over the next week or two.


I’ve noticed a number of visitors coming here from the ESL site: for example, see Prepositions?! where this site is listed at the top of “Related Blogs”. 🙂

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One response to “October 08 best ever! Thanks to you.

  1. Kenneth Beare

    January 17, 2009 at 6:13 am

    Congratulations! You provide a great resource and I’m glad can send some traffic your way.


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