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Breaking the silence!

I am coming out of mothballs to draw your attention to something very significant from the USA. To quote an email which has just arrived:

Dear Educator:

As a valued user, you are invited in for a sneak preview of Quality Counts 2009: Portrait of a Population. The official release date for this highly valued annual report is tomorrow, so you will be among the first to view it.  View it now:

In addition to giving you access to this annual report, the rest of has been opened so that you will have access to everything premium subscribers can access from Jan. 7 through Jan. 19.

Quality Counts 2009 provides you with the nationwide report card on the continual push for K-12 school improvement you have come to rely on. In addition, the special focus of this year’s report is how English-language learners are putting schools to the test. Specifically, you’ll learn how:

· Immigration transforms communities challenged by changing demographic patterns, straining the capacity of school districts.

· English-learners pose a policy puzzle for states and school districts as they push to boost student achievement overall.

· The rights of ELLs and the case law and statutes to provide them quality education continue to evolve.

· And much more!

Do explore.

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Mothballed but not closed

From January 2009 no fewer new posts will be added to this blog. Some posts and pages will be updated from time to time. There is a very strong possibility that new pages relevant to existing pages or to the 2009-2012 HSC in NSW may be added, and in that event there will be an announcement here. See also the Pages Guide in the side bar.

Some posts and pages may gradually fall out of date as links and references will only be updated in a limited number of posts or pages.

Thanks to all who have supported this site and its earlier incarnations on Tripod and Angelfire since 2002. I should point out again I am not closing down.


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