From Geocities 3: Science

Neil Whitfield’s English and ESL Pages

Tower of Verbs:

for Science – and other subjects.


You must provide an answer that stands on a strong base.

If you don’t, the tower will come crashing down, just like your marks.

You cannot get to the top of the tower (in blue) without starting at the bottom (in orange) and climbing through each level.

If a question asks you to assess, you must make sure you first identify, describe, explain and THEN assess.


Always look for the verb in the question first. That is what tells you what to do. Here is a list of the verbs in Stage 6 Science, and a game for practising them.

Then look for the nouns. These tell you what you are writing about.

If you focus on the nouns first, you will tend not really to answer the question!


Thanks to Ms Dale Hawkins, Sylvania High School, for this idea.

See also Senior Science Support Document (PDF): includes Stage 6 Glossary of key verbs (Board of Studies NSW).


·        For more see 12 Steps to Better English and see for the parts of an essay and more tips.





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