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Do you believe this?

Before we start, I should confess this blog is in Trebuchet MS. I like it on the screen. However, Does Your Choice of Font Affect What Grade Your Essays Get?

According to that you are better off choosing Georgia or Times New Roman if you want good grades in your essays! Serifs are seen as more academic than sans-serifs it appears.

Could Ancient History look better in Papyrus, I wonder, or English studies in a nice script?

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Improving handwriting

There are two aspects here: 1) appearance and legibility; 2) speed.

I have to confess that my own handwriting is not the most beautiful in the world, though I can make a fair effort at calligraphy with the right equipment and plenty of time. I was taught handwriting way back in the day’s of steel nibs and inkwells! I also was taught Copperplate! Ball point pens, back then, were considered evil.

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Is this a lost art? Is it ridiculous to have HSC students — with a few exceptions for special circumstances — writing their answers by hand?

ABC Radio National’s Life Matters has recently raised these questions: listen to Death of Handwriting (MP3).

Guests: Maryanne Fahey –Writer and comic; David Loader — Technology and Education Consultant; Dr Marie-Louise Ayres — Curator of Manuscripts, National Library of Australia

Now I am going to do a bit of googling to see what I can find on this…


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