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24 Dec

Do make sure you examine the links page tabbed above. The links have been carefully chosen and classified, and I will do my best to keep them working by testing them from time to time. You can help in two ways: 1) suggest any great sites you know about; 2) report dead links by emailing me at the address on the front page — neil743[at]unwired[dot]com[dot]au. (You have to write the email address with @ and . for [dot] — having a live email link invites spam and WordPress may not support javascript solutions to that.)

You will see a new category over there on Australian Culture and some additions to the Blog Roll.

Especially I recommend Edict Virtual Language Centre, just added under “ESL for Students”. This is a really good site from Hong Kong, in English of course, a Resource-Assisted eLearning website for studying English. There you will find a great guide to academic writing, discussion of common errors, and a whole range of interactive games and activities. The site is quite new, first appearing in 2004. It really is excellent, especially for students from Year 10 to Year 12, but also for teachers. There is a link there to a thorough introduction to Hallidayan Functional Grammar which could be of interest to some. I have linked that separately myself under “English Grammar”.

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